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Tomáš Studeník (*1976) is a Czech radical innovator, founder, author and urban hacker. Tomas helps global companies as well as European cities unleash their technology innovation potential while seeking new growth opportunities in the post-digital era. He holds MBA from the University of Liverpool and MSc in Innovation from HEC in Paris. He completed management courses at INSEAD, Oxford University as well as University of Cambridge. Tomas is the founder and CEO of management consultancy Insane Business Ideas.

In addition to organizing FuckUp Nights, where failure stories are shared publicly, Tomáš organizes CEE Hacks innovation marathons, where hackers and students from around the world gather to solve challenges in sustainability, energy, healthcare and urban development. In 2018, Tomáš published the Big Book of Fuckups, where he had collected over forty failure stories from Czech personalities. Tomáš was nominated for Esquireman 2019 award. Computerworld Magazine named Tomas TOP Czech IT Personality of 2020.

Tomas is the author of THEaiTRE project celebrating 100 years of the word “robot”. For the first time in history, artificial intelligence wrote a full-blown theatre play that was performed by human actors. It was premiered in Švanda Theatre in Prague on 26 February 2021. 

In 2022, Tomas launches  Caelestinus – a Central European Healthtech Incubator and produces a new artistic man-machine collaboration project PLaiPRAGUE that toured European cities.

Together with the Dean of Faculty of Computer Science and Management of University of Hradec Králové Prof. Josef Hynek, Tomas teaches one-semester course in Science of Failure. Their new book, the Art of Failure, was published in Czech in March 2023. 

In November 2023, Tomas was awarded a special prize for his support of healthcare innovations at Czech Effective Hospital Conference.



Innovation Leadership, Product, Service and Business Model Innovation, Healthcare Innovation, Sustainability Innovation, Futures and Foresight, all superpowered by Generative Artificial Intelligence

The Art of Failure

How to survive the successes of others and live a happy life in unhappy times

Why is it that everyone around me is succeeding while I am failing at everything I touch? How can I live with my own imperfection? Is it worth it to sacrifice everything for my career or entrepreneurial dream? When should we tell ourselves “this is not the way”?

The authors, founders of the Science of Failure in the Czech Republic, offer an unconventional, scientifically entertaining look at life, including ten ways to live it happily. Instead of blindly chasing success, they recommend accepting and making the best of accidents, mishaps, and your own mistakes.
In addition, the book includes thirteen reflections on failure from the pens of philosopher Tomáš Sedláček, writers Petr Stančík, Dominik Landsman, Michaela Duffková, screenwriter Marek Dobeš, and film director Václav Marhoul, kayaker Vít Přindiš, businesswoman Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová, academic Hana Machková, activist Jan Bareš, publicist Bob Kartous, fashion designer Beata Rajská and surgeon Tomáš Šebek.

Recommended to everyone who has the courage to fight the worst enemy – their own ego – at work, in business, in relationships and in life in general.


The Big Book of Fuckups


Collected stories of failure of famous Czechs in business, culture and life in general.

How did billionaire Karel Janeček lose his money? Why did Ondra Kobza’s French restaurant project fail? If you don’t screw up, you won’t win. How to cope witch failure? Learn from forty three real-life lessons of Czech entrepreneurs, directors, investors, creators, artists, athletes and adventurers.

Sample chapters for download



Tomas Studenik welcoming Caelestinus 2023 Batch
Tomas Studenik welcoming Caelestinus 2023 Batch

What they said about me

Jarmila Plachá

Head of Škoda AUTO DigiLab

Tomáš helped ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab organize three innovative events of global importance. His creativity, business orientation and perseverance attract hundreds best digital innovators. Tomáš is respected by the community of information and communication technology experts, hackers and developers from the region of Central and Eastern Europe and not only because of the events he organizes. He is also a great speaker at business functions and conferences.

Matteo Scavarelli

Head of communications Siemens

The world is changing fast, the business environment even faster. Digital technologies are creating new and disruptive business models. Building flexible ecosystems with innovative partners has become crucial for business success. More and more key decision makers are digital natives. Tomas is the perfect partner to connect with this new exciting world and become part of it.

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